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Benjamin D. Whiting is an internationally award-winning composer of both acoustic and electroacoustic music, and co-founder of Null-state. His music has been performed throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia, and he has presented regularly at festivals such as SEAMUS, ICMC, NYCEMF, EMM, TIES, N_SEME, CMS, eviMus, and Sonorities, in addition to festivals of new music hosted by various universities around the world.

Upcoming Visit at the University of Central Florida

On Monday, 27 February, I will be giving a joint presentation on Null-state's current projects, with an emphasis on the Chaosflöte and live coding. Null-state co-founder Melody Chua will be Skyping in from Zürich, Switzerland, for the event!

Date: 27 February 2017
Time: 11.30 EST (17.30 CET)
Location: University of Central Florida School of Music, Orlando, FL

Presentation at the University of South Florida

I was invited by the University of South Florida's Composition division to give a presentation on my work in electroacoustic music. The first half of my talk dealt with compositional æsthetics, while I discussed the Null-state Chaosflöte project during the second half, where I was joined by my collaborator Melody Chua over Skype.

Current Projects


Null-state is a non-profit research, development, teaching, and performing collaboration between flautist-composer Melody Chua and composer Benjamin D. Whiting. This enterprise focuses on the development of the sensor-augmented electroacoustic flute (Chaosflöte) and making it accessible to both experienced performers and those with less familiarity with electronics. Null-state also functions as a live-electronics and live-coding ensemble and believes that interactive programming is an equally integral component of new music research. As part of a desire to share the joy of working with electronics, Null-state also teaches seminars on incorporating electronics in instrumental composition/performance, as well as live coding.

Electroacoustic Song Cycle

I am at work with opera singer and playwright Susan Bywaters on a song cycle that explores the dramatic possibilities inherent in augmenting the human voice with electroacoustic processes. More information will surface as the project progresses!

Recent Works



Motion Capture Study
Atlantic Center for the Arts INsideOUT #163 (New Smyrna Beach, FL, Nov. 2016)




Dreamscape No. 2
for vibraphone, live electronics, and live video processing
commissioned by The SPLICE Institute
The SPLICE Institute (Kalamazoo, MI, Jul. 2016)


I am enthusiastic about working with other performers and artists around the world to create new, exciting art! If you are interested in commissioning me as a composer for your project, please email Proposals for consortiums are welcome and encouraged!


I have extensive experience in teaching acoustic and electroacoustic composition techniques, along with college-level music theory and aural skills. I will be teaching community courses on SuperCollider and electroacoustic composition through the Melrose Center at the Orlando Public Library, in addition to streaming courses in SuperCollider on YouTube as a service provided by Null-state, beginning in March. I am available to teach private composition, electronic music production, music theory, aural skills, and piano lessons throughout central Florida, in addition to teaching courses at nearby colleges and universities. Furthermore, I am always interested, through my organization for rates and availability.

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