Recent Works



Motion Capture Study
Atlantic Center for the Arts INsideOUT #163 (New Smyrna Beach, FL, Nov. 2016)




Dreamscape No. 2
for vibraphone, live electronics, and live video processing
commissioned by The SPLICE Institute
The SPLICE Institute (Kalamazoo, MI, Jul. 2016)

Entropic Atelier
for sensor-augmented flute (Chaosflöte)
I. Grains
II. Memories of What Might Have Been
Experiment v. 2 (Urbana, IL, Apr. 2016)



Dreamscape No. 1
for harp and stereo fixed media
commissioned by The SPLICE Institute
The SPLICE Institute (Kalamazoo, MI, Jul. 2015)

Illumina! Arabidopsis thaliana
for eight-channel fixed media
based on sonifications of scientific data provided by genomic biologist Aleel K. Grennan
commissioned for Sound of Science II
To be released on Music from SEAMUS CD Vol. 26 (SEAMUS)
NYCEMF (New York, NY, Jun. 2016)
USF New-Music Festival (Tampa, FL, Mar. 2016)
SEAMUS 2016 National Conference (Statesboro, GA, Feb. 2016)
eviMus 2015 (Saarbrücken, DE, Nov. 2015)
EMUFest 2015 (Rome, IT, Oct. 2015)
Sound of Science II (Urbana, IL, Oct. 2015)
The Computer Music Project of the Experimental Music Studios Presents New Electroacoustic Music (Urbana, IL, May 2015)



Melodía sin melodía
for five-channel fixed media
featuring recorded samples of flautist Melody Chua
Commercially released on Modes: The Society of Composers, Inc. CD Series, Vol. 30 (Navona Records)
46th Ball State Festival of New Music (Muncie, IN, Mar. 2016)
MUSLAB 2015 (Mexico City, MX, Dec. 2015)
EMM (Kansas City, KS, Nov. 2015)
USF New Music Consortium Concert (Tampa, FL, Nov. 2015)
ICMC 2015 (Denton, TX, Sep. 2015)
TIES (Toronto, ON, Aug. 2015)
Concert of New Music (Urbana, IL, Jul. 2015)
NYCEMF (New York, NY, Jun. 2015)
Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music: Fractured Narratives (Belfast, N-IRL, Apr. 2015)
SEAMUS 2015 National Conference (Blacksburg, VA, Mar. 2015)
Tempus Imperfectum
for chamber orchestra
commissioned by the Illinois Modern Ensemble
Honorable Mention recipient in the American Prize: Orchestra (Student Division)
3rd Prize recipient in the 2014 Busan Maru International Music Festival Composition Competition
Illinois Modern Ensemble Concert (Urbana, IL, Apr. 2014)
   The Illinois Modern Ensemble
   Stephen Taylor, conductor
Under Lock and Key
for four-channel fixed media
Released on Transient Images (University of Illinois Experimental Music Studios)
Transient Images (Urbana, IL, Apr. 2015)
CMS South Central Regional Conference (Tahlequah, OK, Mar. 2015)
N_SEME 2015 (Bowling Green, OH, Mar. 2015)
Concert of New Music (programmed under its original title, Gates, Urbana, IL, May 2014)
Pas-e Electroacoustic Concert: Call for Tape Music #1 -- On the Occasion of the Performance of Luigi Nono's "Omaggio a Emilio Vedova" (programmed under its original title, Gates, Venice, IT, Apr. 2014)



for ottavino, flute, bass flute, and piano
Concert of New Music (Urbana, IL, Nov. 2013)
for stereo fixed media
Commercially released on Electronic Masters Vol. 3 (ABLAZE Records)
ACOUSTIC FRONTIERS Radio Broadcast (Ottawa, ON, Sep. 2016)
CMS South Central Regional Conference (Tahlequah, OK, Mar. 2015)
TUTTI 2015 (Granville, OH, Mar. 2015)
ON STAGE New Music Concert (Miami, FL, Nov. 2014)
CMS National Conference (St Louis, MO, Oct. 2014)
NYCEMF (New York, NY, Jun. 2014)
SEAMUS 2014 National Conference (Middletown, CT, Mar. 2014)
Soundiff Concerto di Musica Elettroacustica con Composizioni Selezionate da Call Internazionale (Barletta, IT, Jan. 2014)
Concert of New Music (Urbana, IL, Nov. 2013)