Current Projects


Null-state is a non-profit research, development, teaching, and performing collaboration between flautist-composer Melody Chua and composer Benjamin D. Whiting. This enterprise focuses on the development of the sensor-augmented electroacoustic flute (Chaosflöte) and making it accessible to both experienced performers and those with less familiarity with electronics. Null-state also functions as a live-electronics and live-coding ensemble and believes that interactive programming is an equally integral component of new music research. As part of a desire to share the joy of working with electronics, Null-state also teaches seminars on incorporating electronics in instrumental composition/performance, as well as live coding.

Electroacoustic Song Cycle

I am at work with opera singer and playwright Susan Bywaters on a song cycle that explores the dramatic possibilities inherent in augmenting the human voice with electroacoustic processes. More information will surface as the project progresses!